Update 10 - Patron-only build 1

Howdy gainers!

Here's the first WIP for Update 10.

What's new?

  • Sofi
    • Sofi's massages only scaled up to 300lbs before. This was seriously wimpy, so there are new variants up to 3150lbs now.
    • Massages now include: Back, Chest, Boob, Tummy, and Full-Body.
  • Ripley
    • The player can now sunbathe at the pool.
    • Ripley now invests in a parasol after you splash her the first time. It also appears in sunbathing scenes, assuming she likes you enough.
    • Ripley can now make you drinks at the pool. These include: Lemonade (Basic), Gin (Get some banter and drunk fat-touching), and 'Sugar bombs' (Gain a lot of fullness, especially at end-game).
  • Deity
    • After dreaming about the Deity the first time, bad-endings become much less permanent. Assuming that you've not pissed off the Deity, they'll let you reset the day... at the cost of half of your weight.
    • Ultimately, this will tie into the ending for the game, but it isn't programmed beyond escaping bad-ends yet!
  • Dream additions
    • "Micro experiment", "Ghostly possession", and "Alien abduction" dreams have been added.

What's been changed?

  • Weight gain changes
    • There have been some pretty dramatic changes to the way that the PC gains weight. You're able to gain far less weight in the first few days, and your daily cap slowly increases as the town exerts its influence over you. Ultimately this means that, if you min-max, you can max out your fullness by about the time you reach the Church.
    • The weight cap has been removed. You can go beyond 3150lbs, but the new bad-end-escape system is hopefully going to keep pulling you back down into unexplored content!
  • Global re-balancing
    • All existing content that was balanced for 450lbs maximum weight is now balanced for 3150lbs. This should do wonders for scene diversity if your PC is very heavy!
  • Simon change
    • "Clothing store" dialogue is accessible from different threshold, meaning it's easier for the player to find.

What's been fixed?

  • Fixed a bug where you could only have sex with Sofi once, then were locked out. Sofi will now ask you for sex whenever you visit her and ask for a massage immediately, assuming you've done so before, or are eligible for it.
  • Fixed a bug where Sofi's 100 relationship scene wouldn't fire. You can still get a bunch of massages at decent relationship to unlock sex, but this is also an option.
  • Fixed a bug where some characters would appear as "???" before you learned their name, but not others.
  • Fixed a typo in Ripley's dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where the Yoga Mat bad end had a 10% chance of firing, instead of 70%.
  • Fixed some of Bertha's dialogue (It was a little weird).
  • Some misc spell-checks on existing content.


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