Update 9 - Patreon-only build 5

Howdy Gainers.

Here's what's new in the fifth work-in-progress build for Update 9. Please note that moving forward, the "Update 0.X" format is no longer being used, since it was a little misleading. We're approaching the 9th public update of the game, with the scope defined by people continuing to support and suggest ideas for the project.

New in WIP 5:

  • Park rework
    • The sorely outdated and tiny park content (350 lines of code) has now been redone, re-written, and expanded (2000+ lines of code).
    • You can fatten up Ben like before, but there's a competition/sabotage system tied to it. If you fatten Ben up enough, he'll leave and return the next day visibly chubbier than before! There are a total of 3 thresholds you can push the soon-to-be-less-sporty bunny through!
  • Artwork
    • Every existing sprite in the game has been upgraded. This equates to over 100 new, upgraded sprites.
    • Characters will now look at you with adoration or contempt depending on your relationship. This is set up in a lazy way at the moment, but expect further nuance to it later on.
    • First artwork of Ben is now in-game, already upgraded alongside the other characters.
  • Audio
    • That one looping music track has been thrown into the garbage with an almighty YEET. Now there are a total of 12 music tracks throughout the game-- One for each location/character, and one of two that can play when you visit your hotel room.
  • Changes
    • The Deity now has additional scenes with the player. When they first visit you, they'll give some background on why they're interested in you and how to keep them happy. They also have additional, less wonky variants for talking about your weight gain/loss.
  • Bug-Fixes
    • Fixed a typo in Terry's "Flirt" dialogue.
    • Fixed a bug where Matt would briefly blink out of existence during the "Oh, your clothing is fine" dialogue.
    • Fixed the Cabbie practicing ventriloquism in the intro. His mouth should move appropriately now.
    • The BurgerJoint "stomach packing" scene no longer bypasses maximum fullness.
  • Technical
    • There's now a "Credits" tab in the main menu, so that above music is attributed properly. Look right down the bottom of the tab for a surprise!

That's it for now, and I'm hoping to do the next Public release in about a week or so!

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Patreon is being a pain in the rear end. Is the game available for purchase in any other ways? Thank you for your time.


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with it. Currently, I don't have any other methods for distributing WIP builds, but I'll certainly look into it. In the meantime, there's a public build out on the 20th, and I'll start looking into other methods for distributing the game.

Thanks! :)


Ah ok. Thank you for responding! I'll be looking forward to the release on the 20th!