0.9 Patreon-Only build 4

Howdy, gainers.

The fourth WIP build for update 0.9 is now available for Patrons.

Changes since the last WIP include:

  • New location
    • The hotel pool unlocks on or after day 6. The NPC for this area is Ripley, the chunky otter lifeguard.
    • Currently you can use the hotel pool to swim or soak, and there are 5 variants for each depending on your weight. A poolside bar and choice to sunbathe will be included in later WIPs.
    • Ripley has a 100 relationship lewd scene with accompanying artwork.
  • Bertha
    • Now has two 100 relationship lewd scenes.
    • Has new dialogue pertaining to her past and why she's in the town.
  • Nettie
    • Now has three different rewards for helping out at the farm when your relationship is high enough. They also have variants, depending on your stats.
    • Bully and Flirt dialogue.
  • Progression
    • The player now expresses surprise about their weight-gain when they hit certain weights. Currently there are three milestones with accompanying text.
  • Misc
    • Added a cute little "Work in progress" banner for these builds.

Next WIP is going to focus entirely on the Park rework. Stay tuned!

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