0.9 Patreon-Only build 3

The third 0.9 WIP build is now available for Patrons.

Disclaimer: There are some issues with player progression and weight-gain in this build. It's a known issue and still being worked on, so thank you for your patience.

Changes since the last WIP include:

  • New content
    • Sofi
      • New dialogue (Flirt and Bully)
    • Simon
      • Drugged pancakes scene
      • Drugged waffles scene
      • Drugged cake scene
      •  "Stress Relief" bad-end
    • Terry
      • New dialogue (Flirt and Bully)
      • "Stomach packing" scene
    • Bertha
      • New dialogue (Bully and Compliment)
    • Hunk
      • New dialogue (Flirt and Bully)
      • "Get destroyed" sex scene

  • Gameplay changes
    • On day 1, you're now asked if you want to use Pounds (lbs) or Kilograms (kgs) for weight. (Rejoice Non-US players! You're no longer forced to accept the tyranny of the imperial system!)
    • Hunk's sex scenes now unlock with additional weight, not relationship. "Get destroyed" is the final one.
    • New locations unlock every 3 days, instead of every 2. 
    • Weight gain is now faster at the start and gets slower towards 3000lbs. There's also a hard cap at about 3300lbs-- there's no content up there, I promise!
    • Relationships are now in the range 0-100. Old saves are still compatible (See 'Technical changes' for details).
    • Hunk now offers sex at 100 relationship, but will continue to offer if your relationship remains above 75.
    • Sofi now offers sex at 100 relationship, but will continue to offer if your relationship remains above 75.

  • Artwork
    • Food raffle artwork (Terry brings you food)
    • Eating contest artwork (Mountain of burgers)
    • Tractor heading home artwork (Player's POV from cart)
    • Dramatic changes to backgrounds in-game. I appreciate that the new backgrounds might take some getting used to, but it was to make sure that all placeholders were fair-use.
    • Stat boxes are less hot-pink and shouldn't stand out so much.
    • The visibility box over the "save, load" options at the bottom of the screen is now a dynamic overlay.

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Deity dreams wouldn't occur. (Do Sundae service and they'll now show up every Sunday when you sleep!)
    • Fixed a bug where Hunk's dates could break your game.
    • Fixed a bug where you could do Sundae service twice in a row the first time, but only once a day after that.
    • Fixed energy not decreasing when you visit locations.
    • Fixed day 0 weight calculations sometimes occurring and breaking progression.
    • Fixed Matt liking you more for no reason.
    • Some relationship stat fixes where it was doing weird things (Increasing where it should've decreased, etc)
    • Fixed Terry re-introducing himself at the start of the Eating Contest even if he knows you previously.
    • Fixed a bug where weight was shown incorrectly in the Church.

  • Technical changes
    • Old saves are now compatible with new builds of the game. There's now a compatibility check when you load a save which will tell you if a value is broken, then fix it. Weight is also calculated in such a way that if you load a save with 9999lbs weight, it will gradually go down to the hard-cap of 3300lbs.

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