0.9 Patreon-Only build 2

The second 0.9 WIP build is now available for Patrons.

Changes since the last WIP include:

  • New content
    • Simon now has bully and flirt dialogue.
    • Maxing relationship with Simon and being big enough unlocks "Kiss tummy", "Touch tummy", and "Living bed" scenes.
    • You can now ask Simon about the clothing store before your clothes rip.
    • You can now model outfits at the clothing store, assuming you're large enough. There are currently three outfits.
    • Completing all the modeling scenes unlocks new dialogue with Matt, where he'll give you a stretchy unbreakable outfit if he likes you enough.
    • Matt now has 3 fat worship scenes and 4 sex scenes if you max out your relationship by flirting.
    • If you're big enough, there's a "Buffet" option at the burger joint. Exceeding your fullness while eating causes your clothes to tear instantly, and it also qualifies for the food raffle too.
    • You can ask Bertha for guidance after insulting or complimenting the Deity the first time, and she'll tell you your general favour with the powers that be.
  • Changes
    • Terry's descriptive text was changed to indicate how fluffy he is, given how fluffy he is. Oh my god.
    • The Deity will now appear and trash-talk you if you Church bad-end and know about them.
    • Deity dreams now occur every Sunday (Day 7, 14, 21) etc as long as you know about them.
    • Clothing breaking now scales as a percentage, instead of a flat value. This means that it can happen 5 times between the start and end of the content range, rather than the excessive 25 times in previous builds.
  • Bug-fixes
    • Fixed a bug where getting milk from Nettie would immediately enter the "Help out" scene when done.
    • Fixed "Walking home" showing the inside of a taxi.
    • Fixed a bug where "For friendship" option at the start of the game didn't allocate relationship bonuses for Nettie and Bertha.
    • Fixed a bug where Terry's repeat dialogue flavour-text would display every single time.
    • Fixed a bug where having certain dreams would prevent the day from advancing.
    • Fixed a bug where Bad-End warnings for the Burger Joint would display, even if the player wasn't in danger.
  • Technical changes
    • Re-structured some content behind the scenes so that it's more modular and easy to add to in future.

That's it for now! Have fun!

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