0.9 Patreon-Only build 1

The first Patreon-only WIP for update 0.9 is now available

It brings the following changes:

  • New content
    • Sofi now flirts with the player when you compliment, assuming you've got a very good relationship and have been lewd before-- she'll also offer lewd activities while flirting.
    • All 8 characters, aside from Ben, have new dialogue that they can ask the player when relationship is 26 or 74, and won't go lower or higher until the player answers their questions. This is still a work in progress system and being tinkered with, this new dialogue is going to be moved to upcoming "flavour text" and the existing thresholds will get 'Quests' for each location.
  • Changes
    • Simon "clothing ripped" dialogue doesn't throw you back to your hotel room.
    • You can now choose which body-part Sofi massages, instead of it being random.
    • Sofi is now harder to please (15 relationship per compliment, down from 25).
    • You can back out of Hunk's sex menu.
    • You can back out of the gym's working out menu.
    • The threshold for the burger joint's bad end has been lowered to 25 relationship, instead of 40.
    • Matt's harder to please and won't like you more just for asking him questions.
    • You can no longer spam "Compliment" or "Insult" to reach specific content, and need to back out of the menu at certain points so that the character can talk to you about your relationship.
    • Dialogue is no longer RNG & the player can choose which dialogue options to say.
  • Bug-fixes
    • Fixed a bug where "Heading Out" wasn't deducting any energy from the player.
    • Fixed a pronoun typo in Matt's "Ask about the town" dialogue.
    • Fixed some dialogue inconsistencies, although some more issues remain.

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