Update 0.8 - 'Church Location and Dream Rework'

Howdy, Gainers.

First off, a tremendous thank-you to Patrons for funding the artwork in this update-- there are now Patron-only WIP builds that will be released every 1-2 weeks.

Update 0.8 changelog:

  • New Artwork
    • Bertha character artwork
    • Terry character artwork
    • Hunk character artwork
    • Matt character artwork
    • Burger Joint bad-end artwork
    • Simon 'Ass smother' artwork
    • ? artwork
  • New scenes
    • New location: The Church (Unlocks on day 14).
      • New NPC: Bertha, the bear nun.
      • New scenes: Bake Sale (feeder/feedee), Cooking Class (feedee), and Sundae Service (Feedee).
      • More lore for the game, and finally an explanation for why the town is the way that it is.
    • Sofi's Spa bad-ends
      • "Massage bed" bad-end
      • "Living sauna" bad-end
    • New dream content
      • "Greedy Fox" dream
      • "Slime" dream
      • Can now bad-end in every dream if your "Faith" (Currently a hidden stat, to be changed), is too low. There are short bad-ends for each dream.
  • Changes to existing content
    • There are now 29 variants for waking up, instead of 6.
    • There are now 29 variants for going to bed, instead of 6.
    • Simon's "Your clothes are ripped" dialogue now has variants for if he likes you, and if you're big.
    • Can have occult dreams, if you've pursued all the content at the Church.
    • Dreams are now numbered, rather than RNG. if you play long enough you'll see all of them.
    • There's now short text to specify that the player had a milk-addict dream if they're addicted to Nettie's milk.
    • Sofi's Spa gives you a "buff", guaranteeing a dream the next time you sleep.
    • Sofi now greets you appropriately based on relationship.
    • Nettie now greets you appropriately based on your relationship.
    • You can now apologise to Matt at any time, rather than being forced to wait a day.
    • There are now 9 variants for ripping your clothes, based on how much weight you gained and an RNG part of clothing that breaks in the scene.
    • There are now 29 "heading home" variants instead of 6, the cabbie will upgrade his ride if you get too heavy for the current one, and there are now 4 bad-ends you can get by breaking different vehicles.
  • Bug-fixes
    • Fixed a typo in Hunk's park date dialogue.
    • Re-enabled Sofi "Boob-job" scene.
    • Fixed Terry "Compliment" and "Insult" bug
    • Matt's "Yes/No" dialogue has been made less ambiguous.
    • Fixed a typo in Hunk's lewd scenes

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