Hey there, thanks for checking out my project.

'Worshippers of the Gain' is a visual novel that contains furry and weight-gain content. It's in early development at the moment, but will receive regular updates and improvements as time goes on.

All criticism is appreciated. The comments are open at the bottom of the page & I will do my best to respond to any messages. If you're interested in voting in polls & getting notified when new updates are out, consider becoming a Patron at https://www.patreon.com/WorshippersOfTheGain

Thank you!


WorshippersoftheGain-Update10_Bugfix_3-linux.tar.bz2 155 MB
WorshippersoftheGain-Update10_Bugfix_3-mac.zip 150 MB
WorshippersoftheGain-Update10_Bugfix_3-pc.zip 167 MB
WorshippersoftheGain-Update10_Bugfix_3-win.zip 151 MB

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is sofi gonna get even bigger in the future? she look great so far.

Expect some revisits once the other characters are taken care of :)

Looking at what you're doing for Update 10 I don't know why you're just stopping with Sophia. Why not just make the player a bad influence on everything?

That's the plan.

Bertha's getting a weight-gain route in U11, with the other characters to follow in later updates.

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I enjoy this game alot and I hope this gets finished but I do have a grip I feel there needs to be a time of day system and is it possabile to get earier builds? as I never got to see how fat old park ben got I remember one more thing I had a problem with in the hotel there should be more like a laptop or something else to do

Firstly, thanks for playing!

A time of day system isn't planned, but something of similar functionality is, and should be included with the next public update. Old public builds are not available, sorry.  "Old Ben" didn't actually have a weight-gain system attached to him. He was pretty bland, actually.

There are possibly more hotel activities coming with the next public build, but Patrons will be voting on it soon, so we'll see.

I played it in June and I'm glad you updated it, please keep updating it I love this game

Thanks for playing! :)


I love the game, playing a bit during update 7 an came back on update 9. Something that I feel should be added (unless you're already working on it or plan too.) Is like some visual novels. Is have some characters busy during some days, and not be allowed to compliment, flirt, ect more then once a day so you can't rush the relationships. I only played it a sshort bit. (Already love Simon) I complimented Simon twice in a row and already moved up to the next thing on day 1. It just seems a bit awkwaard for the line they say that early on

Thanks for the suggestions!

Compliment/Flirt spamming is being addressed with the upcoming update, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for playing! :)


Game looks great! Question tho, will be there maybe someday a better character creator? Like with choosing a specie, size, and other stuff, if possible ^w^

At the moment, the compromise is for the main character to be purposefully vague and let the player imagine what they look like.

Maybe in future though!


Is there a guide for the new version?

It's being written atm :)


for some reason the buffet option is nit showing up  the character is 630  lbs 

Ah, my bad!

Should say "750lbs"!


Every time I tried to run the game it sends me to a white screen, I’m using mobile

The game's not really built for mobile yet, sorry.


a cool update! hope to see more!


asgfhdfg the dIETY! THE DIETY IS SA-

when will/if the patreon builds be open for everyone?

The next public build is out in mid July :)


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Seeing that you have capped the weight at 3300 lbs in  0.9 Patreon-Only build 3, I have to ask. Is this the final weight a player can achieve or do you aspire to go bigger in the future?

It'll be increased as more content is added. Currently it's capped because people kept hitting weights like 9999lbs and becoming disappointed that there wasn't any content up where they were hitting.

will you be posting an updated guide for this?

I'll include one with the 0.9 release in mid July :)


good game i love it



i hope to see more interactions soon!


My god this game is wonderful! And so interesting to. 

This gives me so manny ideas.


Is there a Android download?


Not at the moment. I'll look into it for the next version though!

thx :


Howdy, just to update you on this. Android builds are a bit more complicated and require the Android SDK and emulation for test-purposes, which I currently don't have configured. I'm going to explore this though, and I'll reply to this thread once it's working. Cheers.


Thx for the update :3


I quite enjoy the game, however I do have to ask if there are any plans to adding more descriptions and functions/hindrances when getting "larger" in the game. 

As in, it would be interesting to see immobility or not being able to enter certain places  due to all the chub being in the way.


It's an eventual goal for sure. Waking up/going to sleep/riding in taxi are all being expanded into multiple scenes depending on weight. Hopefully the rest of the game will follow the same structure eventually :)


Am I suppose to start a new file? It was Day 15 when I got on after downloading the new update happened, went to bed, and nothing bout a farm.

You'll need to start a new save, yeah. I think I know why the new location isn't unlocking for existing saves, and I'll have it fixed by the next update. Cheers for reporting the issue :)

how do i unlock milk farm?

It unlocks automatically on day 12, you can check the game-guide for more info: https://sekoshiba.itch.io/worshippersofthegain/devlog/129533/game-guide-update-07


My saves won’t stay and I’m not in a private browser 

I was unable to repeat this issue on Chrome or Firefox. You can manually export your saves by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen, but you'll need to import them again when if your saves are deleted. An alternative is to play with a downloadable version of the game (Mac, Windows, Linux, PC) which should hold saves locally in the folder.

Hope this helps!

for some reason, i can't save my game. any time i close out of the game, everything is lost. am I doing something wrong here?

If you have your browser in private browsing mode/incognito mode, or are clearing your cache inbetween play sessions, your progress won't be kept.

I haven't been.


There's a bug when you say "no" to Matt's costume bad end and when you accept "modeling" for Matt the event has the same issue of giving an error, love the game though. Looking forward to the next few updates soon to come.


Thanks for playing, expect a bug-fix later this week :)

When playing the game, I get an error message every time an option appears for me to click on, which then slowly fills the screen making it hard to any text. The error is:

Warning: write error: A mutation operation was attempted on a database that did not allow mutations.

I'm sorry to hear that a bug has prevented you from enjoying the game. Multiple people have reported issues running the game in-browser, and I'll provide downloadable versions with the next update. should be done by tomorrow.

Have a nice day :)


i really like the idea of that game as i am into chubby men ^^
hope get a lot support on the game and get artists :)

Thanks for the support. You can definitely expect artwork in the future if the game gets more popular :)

A new update with a bunch of new content will release this week, so stay tuned.

Have fun & thanks again for the support!